GTA IV Codes Mistaken For Turkish Coup Communications


If you didn’t spend all your time playing GTA, you would know Turkey recently suffered through an attempted military coup. If that wasn’t bad enough, the repercussions are even worse, with the shaken Turkish leader (still in power) doubling down on free speech and free will to curb the possibility of another invasion. Indeed, it sucks to be a Turk.

And their news sources could use some work. A reporter for a Turkish news station shuffled through some discarded garbage and made what she thought was the discovery of her career: secret notes, written in code, from the coup conspirators! It was actually a list of cheat codes for GTA IV. Translated, the paper reads:



I/ Health and Gun

II/Health and Armor

But this is how she interpreted it:

“This is how they communicate in secrets. Even though it says “cheats,” health and gun, health and armor, weather, these were the things they used in the coup.”

I guess making sure weather was on your side would be useful, though not necessary, to pull off a coup. And you do want to make sure you’re healthy — can’t overthrow a dictator with a stuffed-up nose. Well, you could, but you’d sound stupid and no one would listen to you.

You wouldn’t have to write these things down to get them right, though. The Turkish news is government-controlled, so it’s currently unknown whether this woman was forgiven or fired. Or if they bought this completely.

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