GTA Glitch Turns Israeli Flag Into Palestinian Flag


GTA Online lets players customize their characters with the utmost flexibility. If you want to walk around wearing a parachute pack with a flag on it, you go do what makes yourself comfortable. Turns out, though, the flags have a tendency to bug out. Like in this instance, when a player was wearing a parachute with Israel’s flag on it. If you visit a barbershop or hair salon in the game, the flag will change into a Palestine one. UH-OH.

It’s not the only glitch involving flags currently in the game; different flags will change into other flags depending on where you go and what sequences you trigger. This one is a freaky coincidence, though — and most likely not intentional.

How do we know? Because if Rockstar wanted to make any sort of comment on the age-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they would have done so with loud bullhorns. This kind of subtlety is not the GTA way.

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