‘GTA 5 Redux” Graphics Enhancement Mod Has New Release Date


Last month we told you about GTA 5 Redux, a graphical enhancement mod currently under production by Josh Romito that enhances the visuals of the PC version significantly. The mod would have been released by now, but Josh hit a snag.

Romito revealed in a new blog post (which is currently down due to traffic) that his computer and home network had been hacked, compromising the mod files. Everything had to be thrown out, but fortunately he made backup files. The use of those files meant he had to retrace some steps, but it was doable, and it could have been worse without the backups.

The good news is, Josh should have no problem hitting the new release date, which is September 16. He’s put together a new trailer showing off what he’s accomplished. 4K textures, a new weather system, and “individually crafted direct light for each and every body of water” are among the new touches. This can all be yours next month….

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