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GRIP Combat Racing Accolades Trailer


GRIP Combat Racing was released earlier this month on modern platforms. The game packs in 22 tracks, 15 cars and multiple weapons for those cars to use against each other as they battle tor supremacy. It was also one of the few recently-made games that contains a split-screen mode for old-school, everybody-in-the-room multiplayer races.

Critics took kindly to it, and publisher Wired Productions Ltd would like everyone to know this. That’s why they created this new “accolades trailer” showcasing the most positive critics’ quotes they’ve received regarding GRIP.

“Creating GRIP has taken us on a twisting, flipping, rollercoaster of a ride,” says Chris Mallinson, game director on GRIP. “Going from prototype, through early access, and now an all-platforms launch, we’re incredibly grateful to all the people who have helped make our vision a reality. We look forward to bringing even more content to the game after launch, and excited to see how the game is received.”

Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions, says “What the team at Caged Element has created in GRIP is simply incredible. Working as a satellite studio, spread across the globe, their passion has driven them to create something a studio 10 times their size would be proud of. We’re delighted to see gamers finally get their hands on our biggest release to date.”

GRIP Combat Racing was released November 6 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC. It’s also part of XBox Game Pass.

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