Grand Theft Auto V Now Best-Selling Game Ever in UK


The complete picture of how big a hit Grand Theft Auto V is isn’t out yet, but at least we know the Brits like their first-person violence and car-jacking. They really, really like it.

After the release of the upgraded PS4 and Xbox One versions, sales tracker Chart Track says the game is now the best-selling game in the UK. Ever.

“Even before this week the 360/PS3 versions of this game held the record for highest-grossing game in a week (£94m total UK estimate – week 38, 2013) and also the all-time UK revenue record, reached after just 28 weeks to overtake ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’. In terms of all time units ‘GTA V’ was right behind ‘Black Ops’, so much so that just the Tuesday sales of ‘GTA V’ on PS4/XO were enough to also claim the all-time unit sales record in the UK,” an article on Chart Track says.

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