Grand Theft Auto V Last-Gen Graphics Vs. Current-Gen


Here’s a nice video that compares the Grand Theft Auto V footage in the recently revealed E3 trailer for PlayStation 4 to screenshots from the Xbox 360/PS3.

As you can see, one place where the current gen version really wows is with the ground textures and foliage. The disappointing hills of the original version, with their nearly flat textures, have been replaced with a full foliage system that provides thick grass cover for more realism. It also sways with the wind, which is a great touch that really adds life to the world, as we’ve seen in Watch Dogs.

There’s also a greater degree of sharpness and detail in everything, including distant objects. Trees look much better. There’s better draw distance. And there are more lighting sources and better lighting.

Altogether, it’s definitely a reason to get excited for when the updated version releases in the fall.

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