Grand Theft Auto V Composer Edgar Froese Passes Away


Rockstar Games recently paid tribute to Edgar Froese, a composer of Grand Theft Auto V’s original score who passed away at age 70.

Froese was an electronic music legend who helped define the genre as a founding member of the band Tangerine Dream in 1967. In addition to releasing influential albums, Tangerine Dream also provided the intense soundtracks that uplifted films like Risky Business, Legend and Near Dark. Their experimental, synthesizer sound was the perfect accompaniment to the 80s. And of course the sound was recently introduced to a whole new, enormous audience through GTA V.

Froese and Tangerine Dream worked on several tracks of GTA V’s original score. Rockstar remembered him fondly in its tribute.

All of us here at Rockstar Games are deeply saddened to have learned of the passing of Edgar Froese – the incredible, pioneering electronic musician and founder of Tangerine Dream.

A true musical icon, his body of work spanned across six decades. He was a huge inspiration to us and we are honored to have worked so closely with him on the GTAV score.

Our deepest condolences to the entire Froese family.

As part of the tribute, Rockstar included a piece by Froese from the score, appropriately named Places of Conclusions.

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