Go a Little Crazy With Once Upon a Time In Los Santos


The creators of Grand Theft Auto V put millions of bucks into developing a detailed plot and story for the game. Hiring professional actors and scriptwriters and mission designers to make what might be the most highly polished piece of interactive media ever created.

But do you play it for that? Heck no, you play it because it lets you do crazy stuff you could never get away with in real life.

And this video, Once Upon a Time in Los Santos by Dustin Kaufman, packs all of that crazy into less than two minutes and sets it to a soundtrack that includes the Backstreet Boys and lots of screams from the victims of insane stunts and axe to butt violence.

It’s good to get this out there. It’s good to admit that as much as we admire the quality of GTA games, they are playgrounds for the id. Delicious, destructible playgrounds where anything can happen.

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