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Gear Club Unlimited 2: Performance Shop Video


What does Eden Games’ new video reveal about a crucial new element of Gear Club Unlinited’s gameplay? What are the secrets of the Performance Shop?

In order to stay competitive against the best AI racers in the game, you’ll need to utilize this shop to upgrade your vehicle. Your car is fully customizable from bumper to bumper with a wide variety of options, but with great power comes great responsibility. Make the wrong decisions when modifying your car and it’ll become much harder to control.

With practice, though, you’ll learn the tricks. There are seven workshops in the Performance Shop:


  • Mechanical Workshop: modify engines and gearboxes to make cars more powerful
  • Body Workshop: reduce the weight of cars to make them faster
  • Wind Tunnel: improve car aerodynamics
  • Tires Workshop: change brakes and tires to improve grip
  • Graphic Workshop: change colors and apply stickers to cars to make them unique
  • Cosmetic Workshop: customize cars, from the hood to the spoiler!
  • Rally Workshop: modify cars to compete on sand tracks in rally mode

Master your Performance Shop skills and there will be no track you cannot tame! Gear Club Unlimited 2 comes out December 4, 2018 for Nintendo Switch.


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