“Game Changers” Has Aired….Here Was Rockstar’s Commentary


“Game Changers,” the thoroughly unauthorized dramatization of the making of Grand Theft Auto, made its debut on the BBC yesterday, despite the best efforts of GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive to stop or at least stall its debut. It was not to be; Daniel Radcliffe pretending to make a game aired as scheduled. Rockstar was not amused.

Well. Maybe they were amused a little.

The Twitter feeds of those actually involved with the creation of the Grand Theft Auto series — all of whom were not consulted for the making of this picture — were full of riffs on the inaccuracies, exaggerations, and completely made-up events they watched “themselves” experience that night. Kotaku captured the lion’s share of the good tweets. Language follows, but if you play GTA I don’t think you’re the type to care.


Basil Brush is a character from a British preschool program. Also, if you hadn’t caught on to this by now, the entirety of GTA is pretty much English people making fun of Americans. And we pay them for it!





Well, at least they enjoyed the movie, in a sense.

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