Full House Opening Recreated In GTA V


It now appears that we will never be truly rid of Full House, the Tanner family, or their dopey grins and jokes until every single person that’s part of the generation that made them popular dies. Maybe longer. Netflix is still going ahead with Fuller House, a continuation of the original series that involves DJ living with Kimmy (non-romantically) and her new life as a single mother, with lots of guest stars from the original cast dropping by. It remains to be seen if the new series will have the same sophisticated wit and social commentary as the original.

Just when you thought you could escape Full House by turning on GTA V, you thought wrong! The Tanner virus has even infected Los Santos with this custom remake of the sitcom’s opening theme sequence. Michael is Uncle Jesse, Trevor is Danny Tanner and Franklin becomes Joey Gladstone.

Resistance is futile; mercy will not be had. If you’re looking for any sort of escape, you don’t got it, dude. They’re everywhere you look, everywhere you look….

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