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Freeroam Mode Added To Need For Speed Payback


Itching to do more than just race online in Need For Speed Payback? Until recently it was unheard of, but will Ghost Games’ new patch open things up?

NFS fans have long requested a mode in the game where you could just hang out online and wander around without the immediacy of racing. As of this week, it’s been added: a new update launched February 13 that introduced Alldrive:Hangout. “This is the place where you’ll be going when you want an impromptu car meet with your friends, the place to take cool Snapshots of your crew, and the place for you to just cruise the streets (and off-road),” Ghost Games said in a description of the latest update.

Said update added more than just Alldrive:Hangout…..it added tweaks to the Snapshot Pro mode, new Underglow and Tire Smoke variations, and the ability to sell or trade Speed Cards (“as long as they are unequipped,” says Ghost — makes sense).

The biggest update to the game besides Alldrive is a new item called a Catch-Up Pack. If you’re impatient and want to get ahead sooner rather than later, a Catch-Up Pack will boost your level by up to five. Three packs will be offered that respectively boost you to Level 6, Level 11, and Level 16. You can only buy them after reaching certain points in Campaign Mode, and only with the in-game currency — no “pay to win” here, at least not with real money.

Need For Speed Payback is out now for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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