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Fourteen Minutes Of New Project Cars Footage


New videos have just been posted today that show off the current-gen console versions of Project Cars.

Developer Slightly Mad Studios has managed to get the upcoming game running at the desired, coveted 1080p, 60 frames a second on PS4. The XBox One version isn’t faring as well, throttled at 900p, but it’s still going at sixty frames. The PC version should look even prettier than this, with support for screen resolutions up to 12K (whistle).

Here’s 14 minutes of what the PS4 version looks like. Keep in mind the video was captured at 30 frames a second, so the actual game should look even better…

And here is 12 minutes of the XBox One version. Again, 30 FPS.

Project Cars finally has a solid release date, and will be released into the wild this May for PS4, XBox One and PC. There was supposed to be a Wii U version but nobody’s heard from it in a while.

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