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Forza 6 Apex Edition Won’t Support Cross-Platform Play


Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the Forza 6 Apex Edition — a free version of Forza 6 created for Windows 10 users. Some have been asking if this version of the game will be able to play cross-platform against XBox players — both are running on Microsoft code, after all. Turns out, um, no, it won’t.

Aaron Greenberg, marketing head at XBox, shot down the idea when it was proposed to him on Twitter, calling Forza 6 Apex a “curated experience.” Who knows what that means, but cross-platform competition isn’t the only thing that’s going to be missing from Forza 6 Apex. Being free, it’ll have fewer cars and tracks (and of course, it’ll be restricted to Windows 10 users).

However, the limited abilities of Apex isn’t exactly the reason the game can’t communicate with XBox, Greenberg implies. “We want to enable where we can, takes time to build the ecosystem,” he said in a follow-up tweet. “Getting [Apex] on Windows 10 [is the] first step.” This suggests the real reason the two games can’t pollinate is because they can’t get it to work.

Which, considering everything being discussed here is a Microsoft product, is kind of sad. But from the way Windows 10 behaved when I briefly had it installed on my Surface, not entirely unprecedented for MS.

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