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Five Minutes of Trackmania Turbo


Announced last month for current-gen consoles, Trackmania Turbo is going to be nuts. While some racers (okay, most of them these days) skew as close to realism as they can get, Trackmania embraces raw arcade thrills as tightly as it can above all else. Your goal is simply to get through each track as fast as possible, and woe to anything that gets in your way.

Everything in the game is designed toward pushing you to move. With other racers the roaring sound of your motor can drown out the music if you go too fast; in Trackmania Turbo, the music gets louder the faster you travel. Other racers penalize you for going off-track or crashing by making you wait a few seconds or starting you back a few meters; Trackmania Turbo puts you back where you were instantaneously. There are more important things to do than wait!!

Developer Ubisoft has now shown off five minutes of TT’s gameplay on Youtube. Observe the game’s arcade roots and emphasis on thrills, and decide if you’re man enough. Trackmania Turbo launches this November for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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