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Final Version of TheWorse Mod For Watch Dogs Out


Modder Federico Rojas has finally squeezed as much extra performance as he can squeeze out of the PC version of Watch Dogs.

The modder has released the 1.o version of the mod, TheWorse Mod, and says that will be the final version. The WorseMod generally pretties up Watch Dogs, with bokeh depth of field, better rain, better car headlights, bloom, lighting, and more, attempting to restore it to look more like its impressive E3 2012 demo.

“This is the last release of my modification. I did my best to improve graphics and performance as much as I could without degrading the quality,” Rojas writes as part of a short notice on the mod page.

The mod can be downloaded with a high-resolution texture pack from modder MalDo or without.

You can grab the mod here. Check out some images from the modding community of the mod in action, such as the one embedded above, here.

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