Famous Back To The Future Scene Recreated In GTA V


We used to only see things like this due to mods, but thanks to Rockstar Editor, people can now recreate their favorite scenes from any movie with GTA actors. Well, the word “recreate” being open to interpretation.

Tomorrow is October 21, 2015 — the very day Marty McFly is prophesied to descend from the sky in Doc’s flying Delorean and make all our lives better. In honor of that event, GTA Series Videos has recreated a famous scene (among many) from the first Back to the Future movie: the part where Marty first witnesses Doc’s new invention rolling out of the van.

One mod is used here — the recent one that imports a Delorean model into the game. The stand-in for Marty looks more like Biff wearing Marty’s jacket, and “Doc” looks suspiciously like Trevor, but as far as matching the cinematography, every angle is the same, and they found a good substitute for the Twin Pines Mall lot. The audio is from the movie.

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