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F1 2018 Launches For Consoles And PC


What’s that rumbling noise in the distance? It’s F1 2018, coming your way as the latest game in the F1 series from Codemasters. It’s available for consoles and the PC as of this week. What are its new features?

F1 2018 has all the officially licensed cars, tracks and locations from the most recent season of F1, plus twenty cars from the past celebrating the history of competitive racing. Career Mode has been refined and beefed up, including new details like periodical press interviews for your character (no, really — see here).

Featuring all of the official teams, cars, the drivers and circuits from the thrilling 2018 season, F1 2018 also includes 20 iconic, classic cars from the history of the sport for players to try to master. Circuit Paul Ricard is included in the game for the first time, while the Hockenheimring, the historic home of the FORMULA 1 EMIRATES GROSSER PREIS VON DEUTSCHLAND 2018, also returns.

“Our main aim with F1 2018 was to get even closer to replicating the real-world sport and we believe that we have made significant improvements both on and off the track,” said Lee Mather, game director at Codemasters. “The in-game suspension and chassis now refresh at 1000htz, meaning that the simulation is far more authentic. For example, you can really feel the difference between the modern-day cars, with their advanced aerodynamics and downforce, when compared to the classics which rely more so on pure tire grip, making them an incredibly involving drive.”

“The visual recreation of the sport,” says Lee, “including the iconic heat haze, atmospherics and new lighting system, is closer than ever and we have added even more depth to the Career by reworking the Research & Development system for each of the teams as well as introducing the press interviews which will play a key role in how you are seen within the world of F1. Certain teams look for different characteristics in a driver and it is up to you whether you choose to exhibit sportsmanship or showmanship when put under pressure. We cannot wait for players to get their hands on the game.”

If you own a Playstation 4, an XBox One or a PC with the right specs, F1 2018 is available now. Let’s celebrate with this TV ad…

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