Errant Signal Considers How GTA V’s Virtual World Reflects the Real One


Hey, you want a serious look at how Grand Theft Auto V reflects cultural conditions and values in the real world?

Those of you groaning over your dead hookers right now can go back to that, I guess, but everyone else might find some value in checking out the latest video from Errant Signal, which tackles GTA V in its usual thoughtful way.

In the lengthy video Chris Franklin talks about what he finds interesting about GTA V, and how that is often meshed together with elements he can’t help but find repellent, and how it undercuts its narrative gags and satire that Franklin finds doesn’t always hit the mark.

“If GTA V is satire, it isn’t good satire,” Franklin says.

Don’t go into this expecting to agree with everything Franklin says, as he raises some challenging points. But being challenged is a good thing. Give it a watch.

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