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Egad, The Monster Energy Supercross 3 Trailer Is In Rap Form


Remember back in the 90s when it was believed the surefire way to make a product seem hip was to rap about it? Early promos for Goof Troop involved kids in bright clothes rapping about how cool a giant dimwitted dog was, for example. This belief has largely died out, except at Milestone, the developer and publisher of Monster Energy Supercross 3. The latest trailer for their game is a rap video.

Their excuse is that one of the pro racers represented in the game is Adam Enticknap, known in rap circles as 7deucedeuce. He competes AND he raps, and now thanks to this video, he can do both at once. He calls his promotional creation “Be One Of Us.”

’Be One of Us’ was the first thing that came to mind when the developers of Monster Energy Supercross 3 came to me for this project,” says Enticknap. “The gaming features are so realistic and so sick that I knew I had to translate that authenticity. This truly has been a surreal experience and I hope fans dig the rap as much as I know they are going to love the new game.”

On the plus side, the trailer also includes a lot of new footage, so if you can’t stand the rap, you can always watch it silent. Monster Energy Supercross 3 will be out February 7 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC. And Google Stadia. Maybe a rap would make Google Stadia cool.

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