Earn More Cash For Ill-Gotten Gains This Weekend


Don’t have enough cash to get the crazy-expensive items in GTA V’s new update Ill-Gotten Gains? This weekend Rockstar will provide you a chance to fix that.

The Ill-Gotten Gains update makes its grand entry today, bringing with it solid gold helicopters and ridiculously garish cars. Following that, two days later on Friday a special launch event will commence June 12 and last through the 14th. When you play any of the Adversary modes alongside GTA’S online heists, you’ll earn twice as much cash as you’d normally get. If you plow through an entire playlist, you’ll receive bonus items like explosive weapons and body armor. And if you compete in races, you’ll get twice as much RP per race.

Items in general will also be more common. Crate drops will happen with greater frequency, and if you know where to spot ’em, you could walk away with some major hauls. The trick is to hang around the high-end, upper-class areas of Los Santos like Rockford Hills or the yacht club. Here, crates may dispense as much as $10,000 in in-game cash, or exclusive T-shirts that will only appear during this event.

If you need a new place to store all this stuff, high-end properties will be for sale for 25% less than they’d normally cost. So make a date for Los Santos this weekend, spend some dough and go nuts!


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