E3 2016: New Watch Dogs 2 Footage


Ubisoft debuted the first-ever gameplay footage from the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 during their E3 presentation this afternoon. People were hoping the game would be an improvement over the mediocre original. Even if the game DOES play better (and it looks mostly the same), I don’t think I could stand protagonists like this for long.

These are some of the most embarrassing video game characters I’ve ever seen. They’re horrendous stereotypes of urban youth that border on hilarity (I don’t think that was the intent). Their outfits will either make you wince or laugh your head off. And when they’re not dropping F-bombs for no reason, they’re exchanging dialogue like “Yo Satara, I’m ready to go in. Play me something fresh!”

The difference between Watch Dogses 1 and 2, aside from annoying people, appears to be gizmos — Marcus and his in-your-face broz have quadcopter drones that they can use to perform hacks from great distances, or they can use little hacker-cars to get into tight spaces and mess with electronics. However you want to approach your missions is up to you.

After the walkthrough, Ubisoft announced all DLC for Watch Dogs 2 would be exclusive to Playstation 4 for the next 30 days. Watch Dogs 2 comes out for PS4, XBox One and PC on November 15.

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