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Driveclub’s February Update Could Be “Big”


You thought Sony’s racer Driveclub was through with major updates, but that shows how much you know. The game’s developer, Evolution Studios, tweeted this out today:

The next #DRIVECLUB update is coming in Feb & we’re packing a lot into it. Expect to see more later this month!

Evolution accompanied this announcement with a black and white video of what we’re assuming is part of the new content: a wide road in a forested area. They’re suggesting this upcoming update won’t be mere bug fixes. It’ll be something large and beefy, as in the kind of thing that costs money.

What is most curious about this is that all of Driveclub’s Season Pass content has already come out. Generally when one purchases the Season Pass for any game, they’re guaranteed to receive all the DLC and bonus content that game will ever have. If Sony and Evolution puts out something extra that doesn’t fall under Season Pass coverage, will that anger fans?

When asked about this tweet, game director Paul Rustchynsky said “We’ll be announcing the details over the next few weeks.” If you’ve never tried Driveclub at all, the barrier has never been lower: Right now, you can get the entire game at the Playstation Store for just $11.24.

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