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Driveclub’s About To Get A “Hardcore” Mode


We’re beginning to hear details about Driveclub’s upcoming “big” update. Today the game’s director, Paul Rustchynsky, revealed a “Hardcore” mode was coming that would make tracks much more challenging.

How so? Well, you’ll be driving a worse car. Traction control, stability control, and other assets will be turned off or lessened when Hardcore mode is activated. It’s our hope this isn’t what it sounds like: “make the game harder by making the controls worse.” If so, no thank you.

Maybe if you could just turn ONE of those handicaps on, the game could be made more challenging without causing frustration? Nope, says Rustchynsky: everything in Hardcore Mode is bundled together as one switch. It’s all or nothing. Worse yet, there is no separate section of the Leaderboard planned for Hardcore Mode. You’d still be competing with everyone else, just at a severe disadvantage.

Evolution Studios may have deluded themselves on this one. We should be hearing about other new features of the update soon; let’s hope they sound like better ideas.

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