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Driveclub Will Have 17GB Install, Be ‘Bonus’ PS Plus Game



Driveclub has gone gold, meaning discs are being pressed for its October 7 release, and we have a few new nuts and bolts details that nail down exactly what to expect.

First, all versions of Evolution Studios’ Driveclub, including Playstation Plus, full digital, and disc, will have a 17GB install size, according to tweets from the game’s director, Paul Rustchynsky. Rustchynsky said the relatively small install size is the result of a lot of work done to compress the game.

“(Without compression) It’d be bigger than a single layer Blu-ray. Compressing the data has massively helped with load times & with no compromise,” he said.

Rustchynsky said the PS Plus version, which contains a more limited Driveclub experience, is the same size as the full version to allow players to instantly upgrade if they want.

It was also revealed that the PS Plus version will be an October bonus for PS4 owners. It will not count as one of that month’s two planned free PS4 games for Plus, so you’ll get three.

Finally, Evolutions Studios has laid out its plans for post-launch Driveclub DLC, which will contain a mix of paid and free content.

A photo mode and a dynamic weather system will be added in free updates after launch. There will also be 11 free tracks and nine new free cars released through June 2015.

For those that want to dip into their wallets, there will be 38 additional cars, 176 new events, and 80 new liveries added during the same time period. If you want all this extra content, you can buy a season pass to get it for $24.99. The PlayStation Blog says it would cost $75.84 purchased individually.


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