Drive Club

Driveclub Will Allow for Female Player Characters


Driveclub Director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed that players can choose a female avatar if they want in Evolution Studios hotly anticipated game.

Responding to a question from a gamer asking if his wife will be able to choose a female player in the flagship PS4 racer, Rustchynsky said “She will most certainly be able to.”

The Driveclub team has already revealed that you can choose a character and and outfit for your avatar, and plan to reveal more details about the customization options.

Rustchynsky also said there will be 50 cars in the game total, said that headlights will come on and off automatically, and said that screen tearing some have noticed in recent videos of the game is a problem with the videos and not in the game.

Driveclub is set to be out October 7 for the PS4.

[Source: Dualshockers]

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