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Driveclub vs. Project CARS Weather Showdown


You can’t sell your racing video game as top of the line now unless you have hyper-realistic weather effects. It’s the new arms race of the racing genre, with developers lining up to see how they can outdo each other.

Evolution Studios’ PS4 racer Driveclub blew us away with its realistic water physics, but there’s a new challenger on the horizon, Slightly Mad Studios crowdfunded, high tech Project CARS. Since Project CARS shoots for high-end photorealism, realistic weather is part of the package.

MotoGamesTV compared the latest build of Project Cars to the latest update of Driveclub in the side-by-side video above.

Driveclub certainly looks a bit more realistic in a few places. Its cockpit view features physics for the water droplets on the windows as the wipers wipe them away. Project CARS’ version of the same effect looks canned. Project CARS is quite nice, but it looks like Driveclub might continue to be the reigning kind of racing game weather for a while.

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Project CARS will be out on Windows, Xbox One and PS4 March 15. It’s planned for SteamOS and Wii U later this year.

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