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Driveclub Not Delayed To Add VR


Sony is squashing rumors that its flagship racer was delayed to make it compatible with its new virtual reality project, Project Morpheus.

“There’s a rumor about the reason of the pushback of Driveclub was to make it Morpheus compatible…that’s totally untrue,” PlayStation president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida told Gamespot.

He said that instead the delay, from the PlayStation 4 launch date in November to this spring, was improve the visuals and experience of the game.

Experiments with a Morpheus version of Driveclub were tried, Yoshida said,  but didn’t go past that phase.

From his comments it seems like there are a lot of bug to work out before a game like Driveclub could work without causing VR sickness, the car-sickness like nausea that comes from the movement the eye perceives not matching the movement the body feels.

Yoshida said the game worked well at low speed in VR, but “It’s kind of difficult and sickening,” at higher speeds. So as of now Driveclub developer Evolution Studios “is not working on Morpheus at all.”

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