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Driveclub Is Beautiful When Wet


We’re reported before about Driveclub’s new dynamic weather effects, but we wanted to show you them in action so you can see for yourself just how amazing they look. This is definitely a game that looks better wet.

The weather effects add an entire new layer of realism to the game. The physic simulation for the water is so detailed that you can see individual droplets react to the motion of your car in the cockpit view from this video.

While the system was still in development Evolution Studios Art Director Alex Perkins told PlayStation Blog the goal behind the weather system was to help make Driveclub as “immersive as possible,” and it seems to have succeeded.

“We’ve developed a powerful engine that has the capability to model the entire environment in stunning detail; from each cloud that makes up our living skies, to every crest and fall in the tarmac beneath your wheels. From there, we’re breathing additional life into the environments by developing the earth’s atmosphere around it. Originally we focused on authentic lighting and skies as the tool for you to customize stunning backdrops for fun challenges with your friends. Now, we’re developing a dynamic weather system that plays into all of this, adding another powerful tool to your arsenal.”

The cloud cover and conditions you choose will dictate how much snow and rain will fall. The wind direction and speed determines where snow will settle. Then when it stops, the temperature and height of the sun governs how quickly clouds evaporate and roads dry out. We’re really striving for consistency in every detail just like we have done with everything else in the game,” Perkins said.

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