Documents From The Great GTA OffRoad Tour


Kids these days, takin’ their roadtrips in the vidyagames. Back in my day we hopped into our physical cars galdangdernit, and we were happy with it!

Last weekend a big group of GTA Online players came together with one single idea: to drive together cross-county on a Great Big Convoy through GTA V’s Los Santos, from one end to the other, through cities, forests, and even mountains in real time. It had to be in one of the game’s vehicles, and if that vehicle broke down, you could only continue the tour if you were allowed into another player’s car.

You can see every photo from the epic excursion on this imgur account.


The beginning of the adventure.


The trip’s first casualty.


Where they’re going, they don’t need roads. (Apparently.)


Players were allowed only four pitstops in the entire journey.


A map of their progress. The game-in-a-game took two days to complete for those who survived, and winners were awarded prizes based on conditions like the least-banged-up car and who drove the smoothest. The group is interested in holding future events like this in GTA V’s world.

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