DLC May Be Coming to Fallout 4, But It’s Not Priority


It goes without saying that Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 4 is HIGHLY anticipated. To the degree that numerous people are already clamoring to play it and test out its versatility and amazing scope. With so much going on with it, and so much promised, you have to wonder where Bethesda’s focus is in regards to the game itself. Well, Pete Hines wishes to put all fears to rest. Cause the main focus of the entire team? Is to get the game done.

“I can tell you with all confidence that right now the team is one hundred per cent focused on the game itself,” says Hines. “Mod support, DLC… That’s all nice, but if we don’t deliver an awesome game by November 10th our DLC plans won’t matter and our plans for mod support will be irrelevant. We have to deliver a great game [in the first place].”

“That doesn’t mean [the development team] haven’t spent some amount of time thinking about what they might do [regarding Fallout 4 DLC], but honestly that’s not a focus for anybody right now.”

So there you go. Make the game, get it to gamers, ensure there aren’t any massive bugs at launch that need day one patches…then everything else! Sounds like a plan to me.

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