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DiRT Joins The World Of Esports


As esports grows in popularity, more and more game companies are launching tournaments based around their products…will racing games have their time in the sun? What does Codemasters have in mind for DiRT?

The rally-themed racing game has gone through over ten releaaes, and the latest one (Dirt 4, released in 2017) is the centerpiece of the inaugural DiRT World Championships, held by Motorsport Network. Starting February 19, players will be challenged to turn in the best time possible in a two-stage Australian rally, using a Group A car. The two fastest times on each platform (PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC) will move up to the quarter finals, and if they beat that, the semis and finally the finals. Only the opening rally has been revealed in detail.

The DiRT World Championships is not an esports event on the level of Overwatch League. The winner of this event won’t get a massive cash prize…but they will get the chance to test-drive a real rally car on a real competitive circuit track. “DiRT 4 has a vibrant and highly engaged community and we will be showcasing their incredible skill and dedication throughout the tournament,” says Andy Gray, Codemasters’ eSports Manager.

The DiRT World Championships will be held from February 19 through May 26. Rules, regulations and how to enter can be found at www.dirt4game.com/esports.

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