Daniel Radcliffe Got The Role Of GTA Creator By Rapping


It’s well-known by now that the producers and writers behind Game Changers, BBC’s take on the creation of the Grand Theft Auto series, weren’t very concerned with accuracy. So it should surprise no one that Daniel Radcliffe, former Boy Who Lived and star of the telefilm, won the role by performing a rap. Why? Cuz dat’s so edgy BOYEEEEEE.

They hadn’t asked for a specific rap from Radcliffe, they just found one. Daniel appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late show earlier this year, and as a joke did an on stage performance of the Blackalicious song “Alphabet Aerobics.” “When I went on Jimmy Fallon and rapped a Blackalicious song, I got a job off that–playing Sam Houser in The Game Changers, the movie about Grand Theft Auto,” Radcliffe told a reporter. “It made the guy in charge go, ‘Oh, he’s interested in hip-hop. He’s not just a typical posh white boy.”

Radcliffe doesn’t seem concerned about the circumstances of his hiring, nor the critical reception to Game Changers. He’s just happy to keep finding work after the serious danger of Harry Potter’s shadow preventing it. “One of the positive by-products of celebrity culture for actors like me who’ve been stuck with one character for a long time is the opportunity for people to get to know me,” he explained. “I don’t think [Star Wars actor Mark Hamill], for example, had the same opportunities for people to get to know him.”

Apparently Radcliffe has never heard anything from Hamill’s amazing voice acting career. He oughta check out an episode of Batman: The Animated Series sometime.

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