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Could NASCAR Heat 2 Be The NASCAR Game Fans Want?


Look, when it comes to games that represent actual sports, the most important thing is that the capture captures the magic of the sport. But, sometimes that’s hard to do, especially in certain racing games. For a long time, NASCAR wasn’t associated with many racing titles, but then last year they released NASCAR Heat Evolution.

While it did ok, many felt that the game was flat, and just didn’t have an original style. With that in mind, fans may be hopeful for NASCAR Heat 2, which was just announced. The game promises to be more in tune with what NASCAR is if the head of the team is to be believed:

“We’re excited to continue our relationship with Monster Games for NASCAR Heat 2,” said Paul Brooks, CEO of 704Games. “This new game will have a very different look and an enhanced overall experience that reflects the insights of actual NASCAR drivers. Over the coming months, we’ll announce additional new features that we believe will really excite our fans.”

They’ve already confirmed a deep career mode, more detailed online modes, and more. But the question remains, will this be the NASCAR game that fans want and deserve? Only time will tell. Thankfully the game releases on September 12th.

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