Conan O’Brien Has First Watch Dogs Review


It’s good to have your own talk show. While games journalists are biting their lips and waiting for Ubisoft’s embargo to end, Conan O’Brien has this first review of Watch Dogs.

In the video, Conan plays the PS4 version of the open-world action game. Sort of. Mostly he causes mayhem and does weird things like shoot at trees.

“I’m not good at video games,” he says.

A lot of the video is devoted to what a bad idea it is to have a whole city that one guy can hack.

“I don’t think everything should be on one computer in Chicago. I think that’s a very bad idea. Like I was probably just trying to play Coldplay on my phone, and I blew up part of the city,” Conan said.

Conan brings in Chris Hayes, the IT expert on his show, who calls it “the worst design possible.”

Conan’s final assessment positive. In a way.

“If you’re a cool dude you’ll love it. If you’re a hacker who likes to stay in your basement and play around with people’s adjustable rate mortgage, you’ll really love it,” Conan said.

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