Sunset Overdrive

Comic-Con 2014: Sunset Overdrive Multiplayer Looks Like a Fireworks Show


If open-world shooters are your thing, then Sunset Overdrive is your thing hopped up on sugar and sunshine.

Insomniac’s color-drenched Xbox One shooter was on display at Comic-Con International today, as you can see in the IGN video above showing off its Chaos Mode multiplayer. The game carries over some of the feel of Insomniac’s popular Ratchet and Clank series, with a light-hearted, gonzo storyline and lots of unique, crazy weapons.

Kotaku UK’s Leon Hurley went as far to say that the game feels like Ratchet and Clank “reskinned.”

The speed of movement and weird-ass guns feel exactly like the glory days of Insomiac’s old blasters. Everything it does seems to be about sneaking in ‘old’ gaming mechanics and hoping no one notices – bouncy jumping that’s exactly how physics doesn’t work, crowds of enemies that exists only to be shot. Even the grinding mechanic that lets you zoom along wires and edges feels like a direct lift from Ratchet games. Stick ears on the hero and he might as well be a tall Lombax.

And it works. The overriding design goal seems to be ‘is it fun’? I don’t know why certain objects like cars act as trampolines, or why I have a gun that fires records, or exploding teddy bears, or fireworks – it’s just a rewarding explosion of stuff going off all over the screen.

Fun? Well, I dunno. That’s an unusual for a video game. I thought they were supposed to be all dark and moody and brown. We’ll see how that works when it comes out Oct. 28.

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