Just Cause 3

Civilization-Dividing Dress Found In Just Cause 3


The open world of Just Cause 3 is filled with easter eggs, some of which haven’t even been found yet. Today a dress was discovered on a random NPC standing around in Medici. Why is this important? Because it’s not just any dress, it’s the one that’ll make you slap your forehead and exclaim “Oh no, not THAT one!”

I speak of The Dress, which earned its capitalization when it became one of the biggest viral phenomenons of 2015. A picture of a dress in a shop window was forwarded millions of times to millions of people, and due to poor lighting, no one could agree on the two colors the dress sported. Now it’s in JC3….let’s hope the debate doesn’t reignite.

They didn’t take a side either. You can find both “versions” of the dress in different locations in Just Cause 3, one white and gold and the other black and blue. Or maybe they’ll both appear as the same color, depending on your eyesight.

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