China Has Need For Need For Speed Sequel, Nobody Else Does


When the film version of “Need for Speed” starring Aaron Paul was released last year, the first question emanating from many mouths in the USA was – “Why?” This was formally backed up with finalized financial numerals for the movie which had a $66 million budget and grossed only $43.5 million domestically. So, a flop, and a predictable one at that.

Not so fast there, Floyd! While it did predictably flop in the USA, it turns out the rest of the world cannot get enough out of poorly contrived plots from video games and its worldwide grosses were significantly better – to the tune of $159.7 million – $65 million of which came from China. In other words, more than enough to pound out a sequel – which is exactly what Electronic Arts [the video game maker] will be doing.

EA is collaborating with three Chinese and American companies to produce what will essentially by an English language but Chinese-made film using “significant” Chinese-based talent for the sequel with a possibility of a 2017 release date.

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