Cancelled Saints Row Game For PSP Revealed!


Check this out: at one point an original game in the Saints Row series was being developed for PSP. Then it was cancelled and left to rot….until today, when developer Volition decided to boot up the old dev kit and show fans what could have been.

The project began as a port of Saints Row 2, but took on a life of its own. The title was changed to Saints Row: The Fall, then to “Saints Row Undercover” which would have been the name it shipped with had it been completed.

Why did the game not make it? According to community manager Mike Watson, this was actually an outsourced game that Volition itself had little involvement coding. After reviewing a partially completed version, THQ and Volition decided “it really wasn’t living up to what a Saints Row game could and should be.” Associate video editor Josh Stinson, though, is still impressed by what the team managed to complete. “Turns out that when you have an early build, they’re not going to be super clean and polished like a finished game is. It was honestly kind of shocking that this was so far along.”

You can see the world’s first Saints Row Undercover video below. Volition plans to take fans through the vapor game live on their Twitch channel, Thursday, January 28 at 2 PM PST / 5 PM EST.

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