You Can Buy Your Own Banshee


Whenever I get a new Grand Theft Auto game, the first car I look for is the Banshee. The thrill of stealing the one in Capital Autos in Grand Theft Auto III and tearing through Liberty City like, well, a banshee, is burned in my brain.

How about experiencing that in real life? Sure, you could go buy a regular old Dodge Viper, that’s the car the Banshee is based on. But it wouldn’t be exactly right. This, however, is the real deal. A 2006 Dodge-Viper SRT-10 customized by West Coast Customs with guidance by Rockstar to look just like the Banshee from Grand Theft Auto V.

It was given away in a GameStop contest, but the mom who won it values college education for her kids over speed that should be illegal, so she’s selling it. The “Buy It Now” price is $170,000. That’s actually way, way more than a 2006 Viper with more than 7,000 miles on it is worth, but pretty good for the gaming car of your dreams made real.

Unless you’re one of those people who prefer the Infernus.

Anyway, here’s the listing.

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