Buy Yakuza, Get A Yakuza 6 Demo — In Japan


Purchasers of Square-Enix’s Yakuza will get a special bonus when the game is first released in Japan: a demo of the upcoming sequel Yakuza 6. The retitled Yakuza: Kiwami will be available in Japanese stores later this month, and will include a code inside to download a preview of Yakuza 6, which will be released later this year.

The “pack in a demo” tactic has been employed several times over the years to great effect, more than once by Square. Their first PS1 game, Tobal No. 1, had a packed in demo for Final Fantasy VII (you could consider that a success). In future years Square would be inserting extra discs with several demos on them, like they did with the original release of Vagrant Story in 2000. Later on, the PS2’s Dragon Quest 8 had a Final Fantasy XII demo inside.

As console games have become more grandiose and expensive, the number of demo pack-ins has shrunk, mainly because it costs so much to make a game that studios rarely have two coming out in the same window. In this case, though, Yakuza: Kiwami is a remake, which cut down production and design time. The remake comes out January 21 for PS3 and PS4; the demo will be downloadable starting one week later on January 28.

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