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Burnout Paradise WILL Be Playable On XBox One


Earlier in the year (last July to be specific), a rumor started swirling that Criterion Games’ Burnout Paradise would be made backwards compatible with the XBox One. Criterion denied it at the time, but as of today they’ve admitted it:

During E3 Microsoft announced an upcoming backwards compatibility feature for the XBox One that would allow the console to play some XBox 360 discs. They promised over 100 games would be playable by launch (which should be any time now, if their original timetable is still in effect). We don’t know every single game that will be playable yet, but we at least know Burnout Paradise will be one of them.

There hasn’t been a Burnout game since Paradise, but two former Criterion employees have hinted they are working on a spiritual successor sequel at their own dev studio, Three Fields Entertainment.

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