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Bros Make Real Life Mario Kart Battle Mode


What’s your tolerance for bros, brahs, homeboys, dudes and the like? It’s going to determine if you want to watch this video with the sound on or off, because the guys making the video very enthusiastically bro it up.

But either way, check it out, because these bros have come up with a clever real-life version of Mario Kart’s Battle Mode. You know, that mode where you try to pop the other guy’s balloons that you hardly ever play. It actually looks fun in real life, though.

The challenge involves strapping balloons to a remote-controlled car, and also a sharp spike to a remote control car to better pop the balloons. It’s a little too crude for Miyamato-san to approve, but it gets the job done. Good idea, bros, but I’m still glad I don’t have to hang out with you.

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