BREAKING NEWS: Teletubbies Intro Recreated In GTA V


I think, with this, we’ve reached the jump-the-shark moment for television intros recreated with GTA V characters. That probably won’t stop Merfish, the prolific TV-to-GTA video creator, from making even more of these, especially when we the media keep giving him an audience. Teletubbies, say hell-au.

Since the original was a show for babies, Teletubbies was about as sanitized and bland as things could get, not to mention repetitive. Being recreated in the same world where gangsters torture people — and BY characters who torture people — makes for an interesting contrast. Even though this intro skews close enough to the original (see below for a direct comparison), these guys still act as they would in the regular game, making obscene gestures and attacking each other. At least, they wouldn’t be happy in tights like this.

Says Merfish, “One of the chief disappointments of my childhood was being too old to truly enjoy Teletubbies. Oh the life I could have lived.”

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