Bill Paxton Speaks About GTA Movie “Game Changer”


Actor Bill Paxton recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the new BBC telefilm Game Changer, you know, the one Rockstar wasn’t consulted on and plans to sue the studio over. Game Changer is supposedly about the making of the Grand Theft Auto series and the challenges therein, yet with no consultation from anyone that actually made it, we can’t expect it to be very accurate.

Paxton is playing Jack Thompson, the (now-ex) lawyer who tried to connect the GTA series to the actions of Alabama teen Devin Moore, who shot three cops in 2005 and is now on death row. This is among other things Thompson tried to do, so one wonders how you go about playing such a character. “The game company and Thompson…..they end up on this collision course. It’s an interesting piece because it’s pretty well-leveaned. You’ve got the freedom of expression and stuff, and then you’ve got, ‘Oh gosh, is there a line there?’ I thought it was really a good script.”

Paxton seems to think the film will be even-handed, but given everything we know about Thompson, I don’t see how the man can be depicted as anything but crazy. Game Changer is still under production, despite the efforts of Rockstar or Take-Two, and still planned to be televised on the BBC eventually.

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