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Agents Of Mayhem Gets Bad Vs. Evil Trailer


The creators of Saints Row are at it again, but this time, they’re take the insanity and carnage up to an entirely new level. With Agents of Mayhem, you play as a group who only has one purpose, to take down the group known as LEGION who are currently in control of the world.

Sounds noble, right? Well…not so much. You see, the head of MAYHEM, from which you are an agent of if you couldn’t tell, doesn’t care about collateral damage, she just wants to put the hurt to Legion as much as she can. As such, you’ll be given free rein to destroy and blow up whatever you want as long as it hurts them.

What makes Agents of Mayhem different from say Saints Row is that you can actually choose one of 12 different characters to bring the boom with, all of which have unique abilities, weapons, and personalities. This isn’t good vs. evil, it’s bad vs. evil, which is perfect because that’s what the latest trailer for the game is called.

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