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A Second Closed Beta for The Crew Starts August 25


Real-Time Coast to Coast Drive With The Crew

PC players will get another lap around The Crew’s virtual United States before the game launches, with a second closed PC beta starting August 25.

The second beta will run from August 25 to August 29, according to Ubisoft. Players who redeemed keys for the first beta are automatically registered for the second one, but should be aware that the servers were wiped so no progress carried over. Also, if you sat on a key and didn’t register it, sorry, it won’t work.

If you weren’t in the first beta you have two options. You can sign up here and hope to be randomly selected for a limited number of keys. Or you can pre-purchase the game for guaranteed access.

Also, if you’ve sworn an oath never to use UPlay, you’re in luck, because this beta will let you register via Steam.

Content for this beta seems to be similar to the last one. The street and dirt spec cars will be available, there will be missions and skill challenges in the Midwest and skill challenges in the East Coast, with the rest of the country available for free-roam.

Finally, there will be no NDA for this beta, so players can freely stream and share screenshots and impressions.

Unfortunately, no console beta love has been announced at this time.

The Crew will be out Nov. 11 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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