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30 Frames-Per-Second Was ‘Worth it,’ Driveclub Director Says


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The idea that games on current gen consoles should hit 1080p and 60 FPS is practically a religion among hardcore gamers. Whenever a high profile game falls short, you can practically hear a sigh of disappointment raise from the nerdier corners of the land.

It’s the same with Driveclub, but Director Paul Rustchysnky says that whatever the hardcore thinks, a 1080p and 30 FPS combo was the best for Evolution Studios’ PS4-exclusive racer.

“I absolutely think so,” Rustchynsky said. “I suspect a lot of people think we may have compromised the gameplay experience by choosing 30fps, but we’ve spent a huge amount of time minimizing the latency between the pad and what happens inside the game so you never feel disconnected, and you never feel like you’re getting a sub-par experience.”

“It’s a balance, because you can only do so much on any platform–PS4 has been fantastic to work with and we’ve done a good job of pushing it,” he said. “It’s always a tradeoff, ultimately, and I think we’ve made the right choices to make the best driving game we could have made.”

Rustchynsky has previously said that going for 30 FPS instead of 60 helped make it easier for the team to make more detailed cars, beautiful tracks, and an advanced lighting system.

Driveclub releases for PS4 Oct. 7.

[Source: Edge]

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