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24 Hours Of LeMans Circuit Coming To iRacing


iRacing is an app with the goal of representing real racing courses as accurately as possible. This is a tall order for something like the 24 Hours of LeMans Circuit, which, true to its name, only takes place within a day’s time.

This doesn’t provide much time for the developers to gather visual footage and observations. Yet it had to be done. The 24 Hours Of Lemans Circuit is the single most demanded course by fans that iRacing does not currently have. To pull the task off, the iRacing programmers had to get to LeMans a few hours before the race officially started, and start scanning the area as fast as possible.

But they managed to do it and the virtual equivalent of LeMans is coming to a tablet or smartphone near you, and soon. The 24 Hours Of Lemans Circuit currently has no release date on iRacing, but we do know it’s close to being done. iRacing released a trailer last month; you can watch it below.

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